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Now that they add a Art Portal, this is the perfect thing for me to post my artwork, fanart and other stuff. For now on this is a art page.

I'm just going to review flash movies until I know how to make flash movies.

Wow. It's been almost a year since I created a Newgrounds account and I got nothing. Something's been stopping me for some reason. I always wanted to make sprite flashes but something's been stopping me. Does anyone know where I can download a full version of Macromedia Flash Player so I can start making sprite movies?

In the meantime, here's a balloon animal shaped like a Tonberry.

Almost a year and I got nothing

Hi everyone. I just moved in to Newground today. Yes I am one of the new guys in town and I need to get used to it here. Right now i'm just writing reviews so i'm under construction. Someday i'll post my Final Fantasy 8-Bit Theater type of flashes in my Final Fantasy XI style (yes I play Final Fantasy XI). Well time for me to get the hang of Newgrounds City!